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We make video and data accessible to every tennis player and facility

Video recording & Data tracking system

Create clips with the Ball Tracer in real time

Exclusive content with cool graphics
Share your new tennis experience on social
No more bad calls!

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Match statistics

Your longest rallies, serving percentages, winners and in addition your aces and double faults
Watch and analyze your matches quickly without dead moments
Skip forward and backward between the points in the video player

Automated match Highlights

System automatically captures key match moments and generates customized video clip that can be shared with friends on social media

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Full video service

One tap video recording
Instant replay and Live Stream with embedded score
Video feed and Sharing
Embed video player on your website
Skip forward / backward between the points
Create and share real-time short clips

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Stream your matches with the embedded score

Keep the score with the Scoring Module accessible by the web link and broadcast your matches in a professional way
Share streaming links from Track.Tennis page or embed video player on your website

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Manage your Tournaments

Use our Web platform to start / stop recordings on multiple courts during your Tournament
Keep the scores embedded in the Live Streams
Share Live Streams and watch Instant Replays
Create a public web page of your Tournament

How it works


Network camera on a court or upload from action camera or other source


Video recognition, rendering ball trajectories, dead time removal


App with your stats, highlights & personal video profile

Facilities onboard


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