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      Contributor: Declan Mclaughlin

      July 24, 2019

      Capturing the Hype Moments

      • High school basketball and football highlights have found a place online since the invention of MaxPreps
        and Hudl. With a platform that not only accentuates the highlights but also tracks statistics, those sports
        have continued to dominate the culture of American sports.

        With TrackTennis, Tennis could look to add itself to that conversation.

        With its stat tracking software, video capabilities, and the potential of the “Folder of Success” tennis
        highlights could soon be dominating your Instagram feed.

        The current way tennis scouting for college goes, coaches and scouts looking at rankings then traveling
        to scout without much knowledge beforehand, is archaic. Most major sports have some sort of
        highlight, or at least full game, videos online for scouts to get a sense of players.

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        Now, with a fixed camera and some editing software, high school kids from across the country can make
        their own highlights and send it out to coaches and scouts thanks to TrackTennis. They can show them
        their statistics in-game as well as how they train and improve.

        Once this product is established as the norm, no tennis player will be without highlights. Whether they
        be a Junior in high school or a club tennis star, they can be watched and tracked across the platform.
        They can be added to the mix tapes with titles similar to those of the basketball players of today, HYPEST
        HIGH SCHOOL DUNKS OF 2019!!! But, with more titles like HYPEST SLAMS OF 2019!!!

        The same way Zion Williamsons spectacular dunks preceded him coming into college, the next Rafael
        Nadal could dazzle the world with his ace serves before he steps into the French Open qualifying rounds.